Federico Domenico Eraldo SACCHI


“Diabolical, with a cavernous voice, Federico Sacchi radiates the scene with his darkness. 
A menacing colossus with a charismatic presence, he suddenly raises the quality and interest of the show up a notch” (baroquenews.com 2022)

“With an imposing figure, his authoritative bass possesses an alluring timbre with a deep resonance which can make him appear fearsome or comforting to the need” (operawire.com 2021)

“Handsome presence, superlative acting skills and an enchanting brazen voice”(classicnews.com 2019)

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June 16-23, 2023 – Cremona

By Claudio Monteverdi 

New production
Monteverdi Festival – Teatro Ponchielli

Conductor: Antonio Greco
Stage director: Pier Luigi Pizzi

Sept 5-6, 2023 – Bologna

Immersive multimedia opera 
San Mattia’s Church, Bologna


Concept and music: Valentino Corvino
Production: Tommaso Arosio

September 16-17, 2023 – Cremona

By Amilcare Ponchielli

Teatro Ponchielli

Conductor: Federico Mantovani
Bazzini Consort Orchestra
Coro Polifonico Cremonese

October 22, 2023 – Casino Bern
October 28-29, 2023 Alte Reithalle Aarau

By Giuseppe Verdi

Concert version
Carlo Coccia Orchestra

November 24-26, 2023 – Como

December 01-03, 2023 – Pavia

January 12-14, 2023 – Pisa

January 19-21, 2023 – Ravenna

By Claudio Monteverdi 

Teatro Sociale di Como

Conductor: Antonio Greco
Stage director: Pier Luigi Pizzi

March 16, 2024 Auditorium Nacional, Madrid
March 17, 2024 Palau de la Musica Catalana

By Claudio Monteverdi 

Concert version
Conductor: Harry Bicket
English Concert Ensemble